"Highly recommended for expertise and dedication.”


“Latifa’s professionalism as a recruiter was exceptional. Highly recommended for her expertise and dedication.” – PPA Advisory Lead, An Energy Research Company.

From its academic roots, our client has grown since 2013 to become the largest dedicated power market analytics company in Europe, providing data-driven intelligence for strategic decisions across global energy transformation.

In 2022, the client underwent a critical phase of development, prompting a strategic shift which meant they had a need for a new PPA function and a new HR team. This led to the creation of two brand-new roles, a PPA Advisory Lead and a People and Culture Advisor. 

In their efforts to fill the newly created roles, our client first turned to their in-house recruiters. However, due to the unique skill sets required for these positions, they quickly realised that suitable candidates were not readily available within the company. Time was also of the essence. Both roles involved the building of pivotal new teams which emphasised the need to look beyond their internal resources to fill these growth positions.

Eleven filled the PPA Advisory Lead in Berlin after a two-month recruitment process. Recruitment for the PPA Advisory Lead faced typical challenges due to the niche skill set, making suitable candidates scarce. Personality was an essential factor, requiring an entrepreneurial spirit and independent leadership. Overcoming location hurdles, the final candidate successfully relocated from Milan to fill the role.

In just four weeks, Eleven filled the People and Culture advisor role also. This role had similar difficulties, and, the candidate needed to speak both German and English in order to liaise with colleagues from both countries. 

The client was extremely pleased with the successful recruitment of both roles. Our ongoing collaboration with them remains strong and we look forward to supporting the rest of their journey.

As well as the great feedback that we received from the client, with the second role, our consultant Latifa also received high praise from the placed candidate. They were thankful to her for “accompanying her through the recruiting process in such a supportive way.”