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Eleven make your hiring process effortless. We will represent your brand to the highest level. Working in partnership, we will find you the best talent, aligning candidates’ skillset, cultural fit and values to your company’s vision.

If you’re looking for your next role, we will apply genuine thought when introducing you to clients. We carefully match not only your experience but personality and aspirations to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Eleven have been in the energy and commodities market for over 23 years. Our clients are active globally across gas, power, LNG, emissions, oil, shipping, and more recently chemicals, alternative technologies and renewables. We source highly experienced talent as individuals or teams across front, middle and back office. We also find the brightest, mobile, innovative engineers, chemists, technical and commercial candidates. We work in partnership with our clients, including trading houses, energy majors, emerging technology businesses and new ventures, utilities and shipowners, to connect the right people, matching not only expertise but personality, culture and aspirations.  

How would you rate your recruitment agency out of ten? Eleven? 

Eleven focus

We continue to source talented individuals and teams in trading, finance, operations and origination for the largest energy and trading companies globally.

Today we also find the brightest, mobile, innovative engineers, chemists, technical and commercial candidates for emerging technology businesses looking forward to a greener world.

We’re working with clients as integrated partners sourcing permanent roles and teams for future growth. We work on repeat contract vacancies and standalone assignments. Candidates and contacts regularly provide us with referrals, furthering our reach and enhancing our reputation within our sector specialisms.

Eleven method – finding candidates who are not job hunting

We don’t wait around for great talent to drop in our laps. The Eleven team is dedicated to sourcing the best talent to support the future growth of our clients. More often than not, the candidates we place were not actively looking for a job.

Working at Eleven

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We are passionate about giving back to our local community and support climate change initiatives. We donate 1% of our time and 1% of our net income to charities close to our teams' hearts. 

Read more here: Corporate Social Responsibility.

Eleven history

Eleven was launched in 1998 under our old name Oil Recruitment. However, the history of our parent company Ashley & Dumville spans back much further than this to 1880.  Read our Eleven history here.