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Alternative Technologies

Recruiting where bold ideas and unwavering enthusiasm can help shape the world.
Eleven works with future-thinking clients and businesses focused on driving change and embracing new technologies that will move us to a low carbon future. Eleven specialises in sourcing niche talent, connecting dynamic people and businesses where bold ideas and enthusiasm will help shape the world.
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Alternative technologies recruitment


We know the people that turn ideas into reality.
The chemical industry will play a critical role in closing the loop for a net-zero future. Finding the very best talent is vital to examine processes, support the movement into new technologies and drive innovation.
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Chemicals recruitment

Energy Trading & Shipping

As the world pivots for energy transition, upstream, downstream producers, utilities and consumers of traditional energy are evolving rapidly to meet global climate goals. But only by connecting the right people, matching not only expertise but personality, culture and aspirations can we achieve real progress.

Without the shipping channels, energy cannot be distributed to those that need it, and the world as we know it would stop turning.
Since 1998, Eleven has been recruiting for roles within oil shipping. We have a deep understanding of the needs and complexities of each submarket within the international trading arena, sourcing the best in mid-level, senior management and C-suite professionals within the sector.
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Energy Trading recruitment

Finance and Risk

As the needs of energy trading organisations widen, the importance of the middle office function increases. More than ever there is a requirement to perform at greater speed and visibility, in particular within P&L, quantitative analytics, and risk management. Those that have implemented effective middle office systems are seeing an increase in efficiency improvements day-to-day, resulting in greater confidence in the risks taken by the Front Office. 
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Finance and Risk


At Eleven, we connect the people and businesses who will help drive a sea change for renewable, sustainable energy solutions that move us to a lower carbon future.
As renewable development and the investment sector responds to this significant change, from a utility scale market to a distributed, private market, demanding independent finance backed organisations continue to compete for leadership and require unique technical talent.
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Renewables recruitment