Greenhills Rewilding Project

Here at Eleven we care a lot about the climate and environment, hence our recent ventures into the renewables and alternative technology spaces. 

Due to this, we have decided to partner with Greenhills Farm and the Cheshire Wildlife Trust to help turn the tide on biodiversity in our local area. 

Our partnership with Greenhills started in 2019 when we committed to spend 1% of our time on community initiatives. In 2021 we returned to the farm to de-weed the growing hedgerows and catch up with the new sustainable projects at Greenhills.

Team hedge laying

On our most recent trip to Greenhills on the 17/03/2022 we took part in tree planting and hedge laying, all in an effort to open up more areas so that the natural habitats and wildlife can flourish. We also took part in installing pestboxes and managing fencing in order to achieve our goals. 

Team tree planting

At the end of the day, we celebrated our hardwork with a drink in the spring sunshine. 

Enjoying the spring sunshine