Charity Bake Off

One Friday in the office, the team got together to try out each others baking skills all for a good cause.

A wide range of delicious treats were produced from cheesecakes, to brownies, to vegan peanut butter pops. These were then sampled by everyone in the office and needless to say, no one needed any lunch that day!

Range of baked goods

The winner, however, who won the anonymous vote and a £30 meal voucher, was the sausage rolls that were baked to perfection by Dom. 

Along with the tasty treats and a fun Friday in the office, the Speed of Sight Charity also receieved a donation as everyone who participated in either baking or eating had to donate to take part. 

All the baked goods with the team Dom ready to eat

If you would personally like to contribute to this charity, or to find out more about the good work that they do, visit their website here ->