Salary survey - energy & commodities trading

The 2021 Eleven energy and commodities compensation review is now available. Please email to purchase your copy. 

Our clients are using the research to understand the dynamics of the current volatile market. It’s helping them evaluate decision making amongst salary rises and changing expectations alongside sporadic peaks and troughs of energy prices. 

The survey was put together by gathering compensation data from both candidates and clients. General trends and information acquired through working with our partners and recruiting for individual roles and teams, as well as conversations with key individuals within leading industry organisations in both HR and operational roles have been included.  

We’ve also included sector specific commentary, bonus information, retention schemes and marketing mapping research, Eleven have undertaken throughout 2021. 

The report details salary bands, roles and responsibilities, and looks at the challenges and opportunities 2021 has brought the energy and commodities hiring sector. 

Headlines include: 

  • Trading roles across gas and power up in 2021 as much as 14%
  • Many quant roles are up as much as 30% year on year
  • Operators’ salary (top end of salary range) are up by 25%

Broken down into digestible chapters across energy trading, finance, risk, governance and back office departments, as well as across shipping and operations, the commentary shares Eleven’s experience of recruiting in 2021 too. 

For further information and to request a copy, please contact or contact us to discuss your hiring plans/next career move.