What’s the DNA of your LNG trading team?

As part of our annual global employment analysis, we undertook research to understand the DNA of LNG trading and shipping teams. We analysed trading team structures, as well as the educational background of new and existing team members. We also analysed the diversity of trading teams within the sector and made some positive discoveries. 

Eleven opinion: “Diversity and inclusion is a clear a priority for our clients in terms of candidate potential, not at the expense of skills” – Simon Papa, Business Originator, Eleven. 

Although Simon suggests diversity is an aim for our energy clients globally it is only in LNG where we see this change of mindset truly reflective in it’s workforce. Our research showed today’s LNG trading and shipping teams have the highest proportion of female professionals across the energy trading spectrum (albeit still less than a third), and that female representation at senior level in Asia is much higher than across Europe. 

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Why we think there’s more women working within LNG than any other energy trading business? 
As LNG is a fairly new commodity, at an earlier stage in its development, than the likes of power, oil or gas it may already be one step ahead of its energy counterparts in embracing a different style of employment and leadership.  

There are various factors at play which may explain the significant difference between Asia and Europe too. The Asian LNG market is booming and less mature than in Europe and perhaps a stronger focus on STEM education in general may mean companies are more open to women in roles that require a STEM background. Interestingly our research showed many of the women in senior positions in Asia are European ex-pats, perhaps able to exploit opportunities less accessible in other locations. There is clearly still a lot to uncover here. 

There is still room for improvement, however. Companies are under increasing pressure to have a more diverse workforce, particularly at a senior level, so it is a key priority for the senior HR professionals that we have spoken to. 

If you would like to find out more about our LNG research or need help with diversity and inclusion in your workplace contact hello@elevenassociates.com or +44 (0)1565 654 830.